A Spiritual Perspective Of Coronavirus

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The writings of this article are opinion-based and philosophical. We are not making any medical claims, only sharing thoughts and ideas to allow for creative and spiritual contemplation of the current coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Written By Guy Ferdman

Like many of you, I’ve had A LOT of time to reflect on the current state of unprecedented global events facing humanity of the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19).

I’ve gone through hours of deep fear and anxiety, elevated heart rate as the news unfolded and it became clear that the world as we know it is shutting down for the foreseeable future. It looks like most of us will be home (hopefully with loved ones) for at least a month or many months depending on where this coronavirus pandemic leads us. It is hysteria in proportions that you imagine when the world is coming to an end. Or perhaps it’s the beginning of a Great Awakening…

You see there are the anxious types (like me) who get overwhelmed and the avoidant types who simply won’t believe that this is occurring at all. Right or wrong, there’s value in both experiences.

Like many of you, I’m an empath and the energy of others and the collective as a whole can really affect me if I’m not centered within myself. I’ll come back to this in a moment because it’s crucial to what is happening.

If this is really happening the way it’s being presented (and I have my doubts that it is), then there is absolutely a beautiful silver lining here and I hope we take the opportunity to better our world. I’ll link to this article if you guys wish to dig into the science and why the numbers are completely blown out of proportion and don’t actually make sense: Green Med Info Article– bookmark to read this after because it’s long.


About 6 or 7 years ago, I think it was around the time of the 2012 window I started having a feeling that 2020 would be a special year. Life-altering, spiritually awakening. I’ve shared this many times, even over the last few months on client calls…I said, “something is coming”. I wasn’t clear if it was an awakening event, the collapse of governments (and the beginning of self-governance)… or honestly the whole world just farting at one time.

What it felt like to me, was that we’d all have a mutually collective experience that would bind us together and be the recognition of something within ourselves that we had missed until this moment and this event would radically change our evolutionary future.

This feeling was further grown through different experiences I’ve had in deep meditation, plant medicine journeys, and just plain old intuition. Maybe you had this feeling too.

And here we are, in a pandemic, that has brought industry, government, and society to its knees. And just like the presidency of Donald Trump, maybe it’s not the change we asked for, but perhaps it’s the change we needed. Swallowing that was even difficult for me at first. He’s been breaking conformist structures since he entered office, stressing structures, and this apparent coronavirus is doing the same at a scale never before seen.


Who could have predicted that the oil industry, big banks, the airline industry, and all major pollutants of the planet and society would be in free fall? If we said that just a few weeks ago, it would have seemed impossible! (See also the strange phenomenon of CEOs of major corporations all suddenly resigning which includes Disney, Salesforce, Mastercard, IBM, and many more. Do a search. It’s weird.)

As we sit at home with our families, as we stop moving so fast and getting to the next thing. This literally forces people into a state of self-reflection, of connection, time to educate yourself, time to read, or finally write that book. Maybe it’s time to plan for that business or eat healthier.

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My experience with even speaking with family and friends since this started is that every conversation has a richness to it. A level of presence and listening that feels wonderful. When in human history has everyone’s “personal problems” stopped and in a moment everyone is unified in thought and feelings about a single event on our planet. Outside of major events like 9/11 (which didn’t affect the entire planet), I can’t think of any.


For one, I think this teaches us how malleable reality really is. If we believe it, reality changes, on a dime. Humans are susceptible to fear, and I assert that love and joy are much stronger frequencies.

Yet we rarely harness these to reconfigure reality as a whole and in the future, I hope that we do. It is now obvious that in just days we can take significant action to change our lives. Imagine if we applied the same type of focus and energy to ending wars, living in harmony with nature, increasing humanitarian projects, or creating free energy as the world is giving to Coronavirus.

The potential boggles my mind as to the power of the collective.


In a time where even during a pandemic it seems impossible to get true information, it becomes clearer and clearer each day that the structures of the past are relics. We have become more aware.

We don’t take everything at face value. We know that there is infinite multi-dimensional reality and we each get to choose what that looks like for us. This universe is strange, mystical, and magical and so is the human experience.

It’s time to claim our power. To make the extraordinary, ordinary.

We are so much more than the global narration has led us to believe. It has been known at least tens of thousands of years the potential of man. We get glimpses from the great sages and awakened masters that have left their eternal marks in our history and mythology.


And as this event continues to unfold, there’s a part of me that is filled with so much optimism about what comes next.

A reminder that light could not exist without darkness. Birth does not come without death.

Whether this is a real event or propagated into our reality to cause change, honestly what is the difference. The reality is in our minds, in our hearts, in our energy. I’m sure there are a lot of people suffering right now, but when I look outside my window nothing has changed. When I sit at home, I’m safe. When I’m with my family, I experience love. When I tune into the world, I feel empathy.


I consider myself a very aware person. That means I have awareness of my thoughts. I know they are not my own, and can passively observe them. As I imagine this experience for those that don’t have this awareness (yet), this fear must be so real.

It is fear which creates biological effects that decrease the energetic and physical function of the mind, body, and nervous system. Fear lowers the effectiveness of the immune system to function optimally. With so much fear looped into every conversation, social media post, and news story, it’s easy for the average person to experience symptoms that they may or may not have every experienced had their body not been in such a high state of fear.

Not to discount COVID-19 as being a real, life-threatening thing, but the current narrative is creating a mass of people that are becoming more susceptible to the symptoms of coronavirus – believing they may have a disease that we do not even know how to accurately test for or have the means to do so at such scale.

As a reminder, doctors are also human. They are susceptible to this fear as well. If they are treating their patients NOT FROM ALIGNMENT, BUT FROM FEAR, then there is a possibility that they too will unconsciously create more of this fear and sickness. Treating sick patients through the “lens of coronavirus” will inevitably find more coronavirus to treat. We all know the power of placebo. This is the nature of belief, it filters your view from the truth of reality.


Alignment is a groundedness. A feeling of space, well-being, safety, and connection. It is not something you need to do or create in your environment. It is an ORIENTATION OF AWARENESS ITSELF.

With some practice, it is quite easy to begin mastering your awareness and harness it to clear up the distortion of the mind. This starts cultivating your own naturally given gifts which include gifts that have been relegated to science fiction movies. It will be an incredible world we live in when these powers become as ordinary as breathing. A Great Awakening may not be so far off if we each find our deepest grounded state of alignment.


The world may collapse as we know it, okay. That is scary indeed, but the structures that have led us here, have also led us astray. The leadership of this planet holds none of the characteristics that the ancient and spiritual texts speak of.

This is a world created by a distraught mind, and if we continue on this path we continue to the demise of our species. Everyone on this planet knows that we have already lept off the cliff and are just waiting to hit the ground.

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We have come to this place whereas we sit at home, to learn about self-governance during this coronavirus pandemic. I see an opportunity now for people like myself and the many others who hold and stabilize fields of a higher vibratory accord, to step forward and start guiding worried minds to their own neutral grounded states.

I see space for new leadership.

I see space for new structures of education.

I see space for community living to rise up.

I see space for so much creativity.

I see space for recreating monetary systems.

I see space for businesses that care and give back.

I see space to create the world of the heart.

IF WE CAN SURRENDER to this moment and learn from it, the opportunities are endless.

My brothers and sisters…I know you are afraid, fear is a natural sensation to have when facing the unknown. The part which in you that predicts the future in an effort to create safety just lost its way. It can’t see past tomorrow and that’s a scary place to be. However, it’s also guiding you gracefully INTO THE PRESENT MOMENT.

To be present with yourself, your thoughts, and your sensations.

To be present with your family.

To be here now.

There is much to learn about surrendering this part and trusting in the guidance and faith of the forces so much grander than us that the mind was simply not designed to understand. It is beyond words. It is beyond understanding.

That’s what faith is.

It is impossible for a limited mind to feel the grace of it.


Find your ground…

I intend to invest my time, our time into Satori Prime to help people find this neutral grounded state. So no matter what we face, even if it’s our own physical demise that we can show up in presence.

Death is not the end of the journey, it’s just another turn into another experience.

Most of us will be just fine. As difficult as it may be, we’ll mourn those that were lost and from the darkness, we will find a greater light.


I was curious about the exact definition of “corona” and here’s what the Google Gods wrote; “The sun’s corona is normally visible only during a total solar eclipse when it is seen as an irregularly shaped pearly glow surrounding the darkened disk of the moon.”

Languaging is never an accident. It has a frequency and it points at frequency.

The corona is only visible during an eclipse, a state of darkness.

It is seen as irregular – like reality, it is always changing and it is surrounded by darkness.

Many of the mystics say, after the 2012 gate, the world for the first time in 25,000 years tipped the scale from darkness to more light. Meaning the energy of light outweighs that of darkness.

Look at our world…the things that were the underbelly of society, child slavery/sex rings, greed, the me-too movement, fraud, civil liberties…everything is being brought to the light. It’s hard to look at sometimes but it’s the only way that it will be transmuted.

Nothing in ourselves or in our world gets transformation until it is recognized, seen, and felt through. This is the passing of the times, the death of ego, and the beginning of the end for these old systems that allowed us to hide in the shadow for so long.

As the corona definition goes; the light is visible and strong and can only be seen when it is surrounded by a darkened disk.


There may be much darkness ahead, but we will rise from these ashes like a phoenix of light in a way that hasn’t been experienced on this planet since the last enlightenment period. Just look at the children and you can see what is coming. They are different.


So let it pour!

Be kind, be empathetic, serve, love, be present.


Guy Ferdman, Knight of Light


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