About Us

Mind Bender is a Satori Prime publication site that shares all things weird, scientific, fascinating, heart-warming, inspirational, and everything in between. In case you’re not familiar with Satori Prime, allow us to introduce ourselves…

We’re Ilan and Guy Ferdman, the founders of Satori Prime. We happen to be blood brothers and real-life best friends. We coach people and companies all over the world in leadership, personal development, and spiritual growth. We’ve built multiple 7-figure businesses while maintaining a high-quality life, filled with lots of travel, family time, and unique personal growth experiences. Teaching others how to HAVE IT ALL in every area of life is our heart’s work.

We’re into the weird and unconventional just as much as we’re into the newest science and research. Things like plant medicine journeys, energy workers, psychology, meditation, biohacking, neuroscience, and anything else that sounds interesting and beneficial to the mind and body is the sweet spot of what we continue to explore.

If you’d like to get to know us a little more, check out our Podcast (iTunes & Spotify), Facebook Group, and YouTube Channel¬†and take advantage of our free Prime Your Life 10-part training series.

We’re honored and pleased to meet you…