10 Ways to have a magical life:

  1. Wonder- Wonder as much as you dare.
  2. Connect- Open up to what is.
  3. Seek flow- Play with the borders.
  4. Give- What a thing: giving pays off.
  5. Follow a star- Live with purpose.
  6. Mystery- Embrace your mysteries.
  7. Do wishes- Imagine what you want.
  8. Be the change- Build a better world.
  9. Be crazy- Play with all possibilities.
  10. Be crazy- Do the opposite.

Written by Guy Ferdman

I often see my personal and spiritual development people saying they’re sorry for being too ‘woo-woo’, heck I’ve been guilty of it myself. It recently hit me how ridiculous it is to apologize for this or to excuse yourself for going too far out there. Look around this universe and tell me where awe is not present.

When you really think about this existence, it’s really a very strange place.

As the advent of sciences like neuroscience and quantum physics have popularized, it has become abundantly clear that our universe and it’s immutable laws are far more magical and mystical than we ever even imagined. Photons transcend our ideas of space and time. A multidimensional universe that expands in all directions seemingly into the infinite unknown. A brain that is entirely plastic, with trillions of neuro-connections that emulate the very universe we reside within. [This list could go on forever, but I think you get the point]

Our world to a human that lived even 100 years ago would seem like an alien nation colonized our planet in this short window. In my humble opinion, most of us have not ventured far enough. We haven’t traveled enough to understand there’s no one right way to live. We haven’t meditated long enough to understand the vastness of the void that is at the very heart of our spiritual essence. We haven’t seen enough mystical experiences to grasp how much knowledge is sitting in the eternal field. We haven’t stretched our consciousness and energy fields to see what we are really capable of.

The knowledge that most religions and faith-based communities have used to assemble people for thousands of years is built on the very fabric of the mystical arts. Mystical is just one of many aspects that our infinite universe lets humans explore. It may be one of the more meaningful and exciting also.

In a world that is driven by masculine energy and so dedicated to logic, often the mystical is hard to grasp as it can be abstract, changing, and doesn’t require an explanation. It’s been documented that many conventional religions forced their respective mystical teachings out of their religion because it is difficult to control people when they are being guided by inner knowing that comes from an intangible place.

The mystical frees you.

It relieves you of rigid rule-based patterns.

It expands every part of you including the mind.

It lets you know that you really know very little, and this opens up your system to more learning, to more guidance, to greater heights. It is REAL wisdom, not just logic being regurgitated.

I’ve been honored to coach and educate tens of thousands of people over the last 16 years, and at the start, it’s always the logical mind that inhibits the quick expansion and growth that ultimately arrives later.

When inner alignment is attained, seeking your own truth becomes more comfortable. Trusting, surrender, and faith become the guiding force of your life. And “woo-woo” stops becoming something to scoff at — it becomes the very essence of the abstract human spirit and where one can draw much inspiration from.

I invite you to stop making excuses for the strange. The universe is strange. Consciousness is strange. This reality is super strange.

And that’s what makes it beautiful and exciting to explore.

Gravity, water, the atmosphere, weather, and a million other incredible things that happen in nature are strange, fascinating, and beautiful. I say, invite the weird. Expand your world. Abstract your consciousness. Embrace the woo.

You never know what beautiful and magical experiences you’ll be inviting into your world.

Dear fringe dweller, this is for you.